Thursday 28 July 2011

She’s two!!

Today is the day.  My baby girl is now two!

Part of me is happy… she’s old enough now to start that potty thing, she’s talking very well, she knows how to count, some colours, she loves to dance, she can sing the theme song to “Dora the Explorer” {yes, really!}, she loves playing with her cousin, and she has a sense of humour that kills me, but..


then I think to myself…


Has it really been TWO YEARS since I first saw these cheeks?


Can she look any more like a Cabbage Patch kid?

It’s also been a year since I first saw this face…


A year!!

I’m still so amazed every day that God blessed us with her.  And so very very thankful.


I heart my Hannah-baby.  Smile

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hannah!


  1. I heart your Hannah-baby too.

    Can NOT believe it's been two years.

    Happy Birthday Hannah!!

  2. She's so cute, like her Mommy. Such a joy! God is good.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Happy b-day to your sweet little gal! ♥♥♥♥ (insert e-hug here)

    You're so right about the Cabbage Patch fact, I HAD that Cabbage Patch kid! Her name was Kristi Beatrice and my mom saved them all (I had 7). You should see the side-by-side of my doll and Hannah. Hysterical!

    Happy 2nd b-day to your little CUTIE!!! XOXO

  4. I left the last comment?! LOL! You are on a serious break there kiddo...and I think it's GREAT! Good for you! Hope you have a wonderful week! HUGS! ♥


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