Tuesday 19 July 2011

Project 365–Weeks 27 & 28

Hey all!!

We’ve been staying at our trailer since the 1st of July, and the wifi has been down most of that time.

But I checked this morning, and it’s working!!  Woot!  Open-mouthed smile

So, I know it’s late, but I wanted to post my round ups for the last two weeks.

Week 27:


183:  Kids heading up to the park.

184:  Tiger lilies are out at home!

185:  The male elk was out.

186:  Hannah falls asleep on the drive to various ball games.

187:  Flowers at the trailer.

188:  Ethan made me a necklace at VBS!

189:  I actually remembered at 11:30 pm that I hadn’t taken a picture yet… and I actually debated crawling out of bed to take a picture of something… but instead here’s an extra picture from day 188.  Winking smile  Kids made a rock house.


And, Week 28:


190:  Rebekah was sick with a “headache fever”… and yet, she still smiles.

191:  Daddy pulling Hannah in the wagon… as she watches the tractor.  She loves going on the tractor wagon rides to the elk paddock.

192:  We moved our little shed back about 8ft. for our “expansion project”.  We have the park owner’s blessing to clear out some brush to get ready for a bigger trailer someday!

193:  He loves cooking the hotdogs.  Smile

194:  Ethan hit a HOME RUN!

195:  Ethan and Rebekah had three ball games that week, and of course Hannah fell asleep on the way to the game again.  Becky was peeking in the van to get her water bottle.  Smile

196:  We’ve been seeing a lot of these lately.


Whew!  All caught up.  Smile

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  1. Awesome photos. Love those flower shots. How fun to stay in that trailer. Thanks for linking up. Enjoy the rest of your Summer.

  2. Are yougoing to link your pics to June 2011 Photo Hunt ?????


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