Thursday 16 June 2011

Shoot and Edit–Week 23 Edit

After a day with no internet, I’m happy to be back online!  Open-mouthed smile  Glad that my local internet service is quick and easy to deal with.  Smile

Here’s my swing/slide edits for this week.  Hover your mouse over the pic to see the SOOC.  (Well… if it worked.  It’s giving me grief.  Sigh.)

For this edit, I used CoffeeShop’s Perfect Portrait 3, and instead of using the B&W gradient layer, I changed it to the blue/red/yellow one and reduced opacity to 6%.


More PP# for this one!  Open-mouthed smile  And I did the same gradient trick, too.


For this one, I ran Nelly Nero’s The Butterfly Effect action, adjusted slightly, and then put the original pic back on in a new layer, and reduced opacity.


Back to PP3, but this time I decided to try the Dodge/Burn layer that I’ve never used before!  Open-mouthed smile  I used it to darken Hannah’s shirt (it’s about the right colour now!) and also to darken both Hannah and Justin’s feet/legs.  Quite the handy thing!  Winking smile


Now hopefully I’ll get some time to check out the other edit’s at Ashley’s, and you should too!  Smile


  1. I'll have to try what you're saying about the gradient map because your photos look incredible. You keep getting better girl!

  2. Incredible edits! I love every single one!

  3. Your edits look really good - like Ashley, I'm going to have to look into the gradient maps as the results are great!

  4. Wonderful edits! Love them all!


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