Sunday 1 May 2011

April 2011 Photo Hunt

Here’s my list for the Photo Hunt challenge!  Smile

1. Animals

Love this picture of Trixie.  It’s totally her – hiding from everyone, but watching everything.



2.  Bedroom

Decided to do something a little different.  This is the girl’s room in Becky’s dollhouse, processed with a vintage feel.  Open-mouthed smile



3.  Best from April 17

Outside with my girl. 



4.  In Fashion

Okay.  So, we went to a “Knights of Valour” demonstration.  Like a Medieval Times demonstration… but no food.  Winking smile  And this guy was our knight.  As we were leaving, I went to take a picture of him… and he grinned, then started doing poses… including taking the elastic out of his hair, and flinging it around like a model.  Hilarious.  And, I’m sure what he was wearing was “In Fashion” in the time period.  Open-mouthed smile



5.  Lawn and Garden

Our lawn has many, many dandelions… well, not yet, but they’re coming.  We also get these tiny purple flowers all over.  Don’t know what they are, but I like to see them.  Open-mouthed smile



6.  Lazy

Seriously, doesn’t this scream lazy??  Kills me.  Open-mouthed smile



7.  Playtime

Boys and baseball.  As soon as the snow is gone.



8.  Rain

We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately.  Not willing to go out in it… but thought this looked cool.



9.  Silhouette

My three littles watching the rain.  Wanting to go out and play…



10.  Something Tiny

The rain stopped for just a moment… and I captured tiny raindrops on the tiny crocuses.  Open-mouthed smile



11.  Something Huge

I consider 30 storey high wind turbines pretty huge…



12.  Texture

From a tree in our yard. 


And that’s it.  All 12 items from the April 2011 Photo Hunt.  Smile

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  1. Awesome photos!

    I love 7 and 9 the best, I think. Although, the knight is pretty hilarious. XD

  2. You're so great at completing these! XO LOVE the littles looking out the window together. Oh! And I looooove the new pics I'm seeing in your header! The one of H in the chair with the paci and the gorgeous light on her face...and the one of her coloring! Beautiful! ♥♥♥

  3. I love 3 and 7. Great photos.

  4. I love 1, 3, 7, and 9. Well, I like them all really.... but everyone else was choosing favourites.....

    The Trixie one is really cool, I think. The focus on her eye is beautiful, and incredible.

  5. I love your different take on "bedroom". Way to think outside (inside?) the box. (Love the cat on the bed in the dollhouse too)

    My fav is your first shot.

    But of course I love the chicks!

  6. I love how you've done your blog, first of all - your own photo as your background - cool! And HOW do you get your photos to post so large? Please advise me!!

    Your texture is so cool! As is your silhouette - and chick - and cat... you took great shots all around! thanks for your inspiration!

  7. You have beautiful photos, Adeena! I love them all.

    -Sar at

    (Linked from Photo Hunt Challenge)

  8. Great work! Your photos remind me of somewhere I used to live...are you by any chance in the Pincher Creek area?
    That "lazy" pic cracked me up!
    ...and PS we call those flowers "Johnny jump-ups"...and they do! Love them. They're in the violet family I believe.

  9. Love your pics this month. Or, last month.

    I know those purple flowers as "forget me nots" but I have no idea if that's actually their name!

    Your texture shot and rain shot are awesome!!!

    And all of your pics make me want to live in the country. *sigh*

  10. I like the "bedroom" shot.

  11. Great shots! Love the first one :)


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