Saturday 30 April 2011

Project 365–Week 17

Yikes!!  It’s already week 17.  This year is going by so fast!

Here’s my round-up:


113: View of the Maitland River that my mil can see from her sun porch. 

114:  Seems like I never have pics of our dog.  Meet Chester!  Smile

115:  Planter box that Jeff and I made out of patio stones like 6 years ago.  We moved it up beside where we park.  Like.

116:  Our kitchen table.  It was a free maple table, with no leaf.  We used a piece of pine to make a leaf for it, and it works perfectly for us!  Open-mouthed smile  And, it’s pretty, too.

117.  Hannah found the whiteout.  Did you know that whiteout does not wash off skin?  She did this on Wednesday.  *Last night* I was able to finally pick/wash off the rest of it.  It’s now on a high shelf… that she shouldn’t be able to reach even if she stands on my desk.  (Which she has been known to do.  Sigh.  Do the terrible two’s start at one??)

118:  We’ve had so much rain.  But at least the grass is getting really, really green!  Open-mouthed smile

119: Pansies I bought to put in my planter box.  They are still waiting to be planted.  (Have I mentioned the rain??)

And that’s how it’s been around the creek this week.

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  1. Wow, what a lovely place to live and a great week. We're hosting a 365 over at The Daily Wyatt and Inspire Me Photography. We hope you come over and join up, we'd love to have you :)

  2. wow - thanks for the warning about white out!! I'll be sure to put it away -

  3. Oh, the white out! I had no idea that it was so hard to get off of skin. The things you learn when you have a toddler!

  4. Great collage. Love the white out face. ha

  5. Gorgeous photos. ha ha too funny about 117. The pansies are so pretty. Thanks for linking up. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Terrible two's is a myth. Around here it's terrible one's, two's, and mostly three's! :) She cracks me up!

    And is that.... ummm.... some green I see in your yard!? :D YAY! (It's snowing here again right now. I've all but given up hope of Spring.)

  7. People still use white out? :D

    Is that a new table - or is the story behind it just a share and it's always been your table? I like it! Ours is older than me, indestructible, and the same size. We squeeze 8 around it.

    Make the lake go away. I want to go camping!!!


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