Sunday 17 April 2011

I ♥ Faces–Wind

The theme this week at i♥faces is wind.  I was outside today, trying to get my 365 picture… and I absolutely loved how this picture of Becky turned out. 

There was some definite wind.  Winking smile  The lazy kind, too.  You know.  The wind that won’t blow around you, but prefers to blow THROUGH you.  And it was freezing.  We did get snow today, but thankfully it’s all melted again.  Smile

So, here’s my entry for wind:


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  1. Great 'wind' picture! I can definitely feel the wind!

  2. beautiful - and our snow is on it's way at midnight - oh joy!

  3. So beautiful!!! She has such gorgeous eyes....and a cute dimple!


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