Tuesday 1 February 2011

Scripture and a Snapshot

I think I'm in time to link up to Scripture and a Snapshot this week!  :)

First, I'll show you the picture... and then, tell you the story.

A tire, you say?


You see.... on Jan. 22, our family was out and about.  Swimming lessons, groceries, etc. etc.

We got home, parked the van in it's usual spot, and carried on.

Jeff went out after a while, and was blowing the snow out of the driveway.

Justin went out to help start the vehicles.

Justin was in the driver's seat of the van, so Jeff hopped in the passenger side, and told Justin to put it in gear, and pull it ahead.  Justin's first "real" driving experience!  :D  (He has driven the three-wheeler/golf cart/lawn mower.)

Justin put the van in gear, and slowly pulled out of the parking spot.

He put on the brakes... and nothing happened.

Jeff told him to press the brakes a little harder.

Justin says "I can't push them any more, the pedal is all the way to the floor!"

Jeff reaches over and pushes the van to neutral.. and then to park.

Gets out.

Has Justin press the brakes again... and sees brake fluid squirting out everywhere.

So, we call our mechanic on Monday morning.  He asks if we can limp it there... and we say no, that the brakes aren't working at all... There's no brakes.  Mechanic replies that that's probably not the case... usually only front OR back go.. not both at once.

He comes and tows the van.

Calls the next day.. and says.. You were right.  *BOTH* brake lines had completely disintegrated.  We had *no* brakes. 

The most amazing part was that the brakes lasted all throughout our busy day.. and even long enough to park our van in our driveway.  I can just imagine the angels riding along, hands gripped around our failing brake lines.

And I'm so so thankful that God has allowed us a few more days in this life.

He knows the number of hairs on my head.

He knows the number of days we'll have on this Earth.

Gives me goosebumps.

P.S. I've entered into this week's i♥faces contest, so if you could vote for my picture - #342 - that would be awesome!!  :) http://www.iheartfaces.com/2011/01/peoples-choice-photo-challenge-best-face-photo-in-january/


  1. I totally got goosebumps reading that!!

    So happy that God sent His angels.....

  2. Me too with the goosebumps. And I already knew the story!

    I am so thankful that God protected my favourite Pentlands!

    Much love,

  3. Aww. That is amazing. Glad it kept you safe.

  4. oh wow - thank god that you got home safely. God was definitely at work.

  5. Yes....goosebumps indeed. :D

  6. Holy Cow!!!! Goosebumps and praises for your safety. What wonderful angels God sent to hold those brake lines indeed. So awesome!! God is so good!

  7. I have goosebumps too!

    It's amazing how so many different people, from different places, different EVERYTHING, can read the same thing and get goosebumps.



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