Thursday 27 January 2011

You Capture - Happy

Yay!  I've finally got a You Capture post!  :D  It feels like it's been a long time.

I have a few reasons to be happy.  ;)

My baby boy loves his baby sister.


So does my biggest boy. :)


This makes me so happy!! :D



Because I am left-handed. My hubby is left-handed. And yet, our four oldest children are right-handed.


Looks like #5 could break that mold! :D

This picture of our outdoor cat Flo makes me happy. I *love* how it turned out.


And, last but not least.



My cousin Kate and I just had a discussion on DSLR cameras, and I said I wasn't going to get anything until I could afford a 7D. Well... I found a really great deal on a Rebel T1i, and couldn't pass it up. So, I have officially entered the EOS digital world!! :D

(P.S. Any advice on what lens I should save up for next? It came with the kit lens and a EF 50mm 1.8 lens.)

So, there's my happy pics for this week.  For more warm and fuzzies, go to Beth's.  




  1. I love the coloring photos. She looks so intent. And the cat shot turned out amazingly.

  2. Augh!! Your new camera is SO NICE!!! There's just no comparison in quality between these new pictures and pictures taken with your old camera.

    Oh I am so jealous. But not really. But really, I am.

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures! They make me happy, too. Hurray for a lefty! :)

  3. My husband and I are both right handed and our son is left handed-it's very interesting! Cute pictures! Love the picture of Flo! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Flo is awesome. But the picture that made me smile the most was the first one of the mold-breaker showing her toes all curled from the concentration. :-)

    Have fun with the new camera!

  5. Wow. Your new camera rocks. Yes, yes it does. Love the Hannah colouring. And it's funny, 'cause I'm right handed, their Dad is right handed,and 2 out of 4 of my kids are lefties.....

  6. Great photos. Love the coloring photo. Yay for a new camera. :)

  7. Two out of our 12 are lefties, too. Yet Dad and I are right-handed. My brother is lefthanded; the only one in my family. Dad's Dad was lefthanded, too.

    LOVE the picture of baby Hannah intently colouring. All good...

  8. Love the first shot of your little one coloring. Congrats on the camera! YAY! Yay! :D Right away I could tell an improvement in your photos, even before you showed off your new toy. Don't even think about a new lens yet. The 50 1.8 will be ALL you need for now. Concentrate on learning everything about your camera body first. :)

  9. Nice shots :) Beautiful blog!

  10. Great pics of your kiddos and your cat and congrats on the new camera! Aren't new toys FUN?? :D

  11. You have every reason to be happy! Beautiful children, smart looking blog and a fabulous new camera? Life just doesn't get any better! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

  12. That first picture of Hannah colouring is the CUTEST!

    I love her little feet sticking out. XD

  13. Beautiful shots! Congrats on the new camera! The two lenses you got are great. I also have the Sigma 17-70 2.8 lens. I love, love, love it and since the day I got it, my kit lens has been collecting dust. It's great for indoor and outdoor. I absolutely love mine. Good luck and enjoy!


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