Friday 28 January 2011

Flashback Fridays

My baby brother is now 21.


If you've been hanging around here long, you'll remember our Prune.  (How does he keep getting older??)

I made him a sweater for Christmas.  It was the first adult-sizing article of clothing I have crafted with my own hands.  (He is trying to pull off a Michael face... do you think it worked?)

And now, for a flashback... here's Dan on the left with Patrick on the right... awwwww...

Happy Birthday, Daniel!  :D


  1. That almost made me teary eyed.... They were mah BABIES! And now they're all grown up, with huge muscles and facial hair. Well, facial fuzz anyway.

    Happy Birthday Prune!!!!

  2. Awwhawwhawwww! Itty bitty Dan and Petey are SO CUTE! XD

  3. He he. Too cute. Great flashback.


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