Thursday 20 January 2011

Shoot and Edit - Week 2 Edit

Okay, so I tried to follow some of Ashley's suggestions... but I have to say I got lost.  ;)

I did end up using Perfect Workflow, Baby Powder Room (still don't know if I did that one right...) and PW's Lovely and Ethereal.

But, I'm not sure if I like the edit.  The left side of her face is quite pixely... and I didn't notice that in the SOOC.

But, I've spent enough time on it, so here's the edit:

Before and After:

Looking at it together like that, I think I brightened it too much.  I almost think I like the SOOC shot better!  Might play with this one some more.

I'd take any suggestions to help me improve!  :)  Check out the other edit's at Ashley's.



  1. I almost like the SOOC better too, but not quite. There is more contrast and a bit more vividness to the colours in the edit, and those are both good, but the pixelyness shows a little. Tough call!

  2. Editing baby faces is just a whole different ballgame. I don't have any babies of my own to edit but I have asked if I could borrow a shot from Jill to talk about that a little more. :) I do like how your edit pops a little more. The grain may be coming from adjusting the levels...not sure.

  3. The edit definitely brightened everything up. You are doing a great job learning bits and pieces!!!


  4. This is a tricky one because of the side-lighting. Most of your sooc is really dark while part of her face is close to a proper exposure. Any time you brighten underexposed areas you're going to add noise (the grainy stuff).

  5. Love that it's brightened up! So cute! xx

  6. aw! what a little doll!! :) She's adorable!

  7. What a sweetie! I like how you brightened her up. I wish I had a suggestion for the pixelation, but I'm very much a new learner. :)

    (My daughter has the same shirt. :))

  8. I like that the edit is brighter but I am of no help about the pixels. Your daughter is so cute!

  9. I would play with the curves more......I find that bringing the darks and shadows (bottom left of the square the diagonal line for curves adjustment goes through) up and bringing the opposite side of it (lights and highlights) can help even things out a bit........

    It takes a little doing, but that's one adorable face to work on! There's a lot of goof in your edit though:) It's an ADORABLE shot, and I love how it pops in your edit!

  10. Oh yeah..the pixelation is probably coming from the high pass filter....

    Try using soft light or overlay as the blending, and lower the opacity!


  11. You really brightened it up. Great edit.

  12. I love how it's brighter now :)

  13. I do like the brightness of the edit too....the colors are more vivid. And that smile! I love it! I see what you mean about the right side of her face...I am also new to all this so I'm not sure how to add brightness without noise.


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