Wednesday 5 January 2011


Or, why little girls should obey their parents and not use a sharp paring knife.  ;)

I just took the stitches out.  (Yes, I did.  Why would I wait for hours at the doctor's when I have sharp scissors?)

I'm not impressed with the stitch job, either.  Left a large hole.  Couldn't they have put in a couple more and closed it better??  I probably could have done a better job with crazy glue.  I think at least four would have been better than two.


And yes, she's washed her hand.  Finally.  It's been days.  ;)


  1. yeowww. Me thinks you will scar.

    I am of the school of thought that sharp knives are safer - if you know they are sharp, that is. You can control them better. When did you do that?

  2. errr, I apparently didn't read very well. Is that Becky?

  3. Yes, that would be Becky. ;)

    She's been told repeatedly not to use the knives right after Jeff sharpens them... but she's so stubborn, and likes to make her own lunch.

    Hopefully she'll listen now. ;)

  4. My fingers are covered with deep scars from learning how to use immensely sharp scissors....Fortunately they fade quick, only on close inspection can they be seen.

    I always do it now. Especially after Heidi's nose. I can glue the same as a doctor, and much much quicker.

  5. Poor Becky!

    Sharp knives are evil. The sooner you realize that, the better... it makes you more careful.

    I have more scars from knives than I'd like to count..... *sigh*

  6. I would've glued it... but recent events concerning someone's tendon ;) and for how deep it looked/how much it was bleeding prompted the trip to the ER.

  7. Oh, poor Becky.

    I can relate;p

    Can't wait to REALLY wash my hand. Immersed in hot soapy water..... ahhhhhh.

  8. Ouch! Hope it heals okay.

  9. Ummm... ouch. Live and learn, I guess.


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