Thursday 6 January 2011

Christmas projects!

I thought I'd put up the pictures of my Christmas projects.  :)

First, we have the afghan I made for my mom.  I joined my first Crochet Along, and learned how to do new stitches, and put together my first afghan!  I think it turned out great.  :)


And, I made my first adult-sized knitted sweater for my brother!  :D


Does he like it?  Why yes, I think he does.  :D

And, it was also my project... or my mission, whichever you prefer ;) to have said brother adopt one of our shed kittens.  Cause they are adorable.

After holding this itty bitty teeny weeny kitty (did I mention that he's so itty bitty?  Like, in real life - literally half the size of his brothers!!)  he caved.  ;)


See how he's still wearing the sweater on New Year's?  Win!!  :D

(PS  Dan - have you named him officially yet?  Or should I tell the kids it's Baron von EvilSatan?  :giggle:)


  1. Since I have over fifty new holes in my legs his name is most definitely Baron Von Evilsatan.

  2. I take it he thinks you're a tree? XD

  3. Glad kitty went to a good home. Sir Evilsatan is lucky.

    I'm watching for sales btw for yarn. :)

  4. Bahahaha! Holey legs! XD

    I think Baron Von Evilsatan is a simply marvelous name.

    Plus, Adeena, you kick burro*. Seriously.

    *sanitized for Littles. :)

  5. I died when I saw that afghan. Totally wicked.

    And the sweater is very cool too.

    But today, I walked into Mom's, and Linda is wearing a very cool wickedly awesome hat, the kind of hat I've been wanting, and I say to her,"Where did you GET that?!"

    And she says, "Oh, Adeena made it for me."

    I was okay with the afghan and sweater. But the hat? Pushed me over into an abyss of seething jealousy.

    And also, I love the name Baron Von Evilsatan.

    Makes me howl.

  6. ^ Heather - you want? You tell me. I make. XD

    It was an easy pattern - took two evenings. ;) What colour do you want?

  7. Looks great. Love the blanket.

  8. Heather wants exactly what Linda has. Same colour even.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my blankie. I am possessive of my blankie. Nobody must touch it. It is my precious. :D

    Baron is a good name. Not sure about von Evilsatan. Poor wee kitty.


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