Monday 13 December 2010

Yet another snow day!

We've been getting snow storm after snow storm in our area.

Today has been another day of snow, high winds, blowing conditions, roads closed, and schools shut down.  (Well, not *our* school.  ;)

I took these today.  From inside my house.  ;)

Looking towards Creekside.

See the trampoline frame??  And how that drift is *higher* than it??  Yep.  It's a lot of snow.

My kitchen window.  Yes, that Santa used to dance.  No, he no longer works... but I still think he's cute.  ;)

Looking back our farm, towards the bush.

It looked like this 10 days ago.

So, another day spent by the woodstove. 

Having a roast beef for supper.  And, I think it's just about ready.  Mmmmm...


  1. That's entirely too much snow for this Southern girl but the last shot looks gorgeous.

  2. Weather like this always calls for hearty oven-roasted or crock-pot dinners. Tomorrow I'm going to make chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and butternut squash... Mmmmm!

    That is a crazy snowstorm. I should take a picture of the drift behind our wood furnace, it's taller than me! I look up at the drift! It's crazy. We were outside playing a couple days ago, and I started digging a tunnel through it like I used to dig in drifts as a kid... it was pretty fantastic. :)

  3. I'm with Ashley. Absolutely gorgeous, but PLEASE don't send it here - LOL! No really, I can't wait to take a few snowy shots (I wasn't into photography really last year) that will be fun. But I'm sure I'll get over it very soon - ha! Thanks for your super sweet comments always make me SMILE!! ♥

  4. I bet the kids were bugging to get out in it. I love snow, but only if it's on the ground, not the roads.

  5. Brrr... that is A LOT of snow. I could never handle that much snow. That last photo is gorgeous!


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