Friday 17 December 2010

Flashback Fridays

I know I've been MIA.  And, I'm sure you were missing my flashbacks.  ;)

So, here's a bunch - Christmas themed, of course.  :D

Christmas 2004

Tiny Michael!!  He was 6 months old.

Christmas 2005.  My stair steps!  :)

Christmas 2006.  Don't you love Becky's hair??

Christmas 2007.  Kids in a stack!

I made gingerbread men in 2007.  With an ogre.  For my brother who is a giant.  XD

Christmas Eve, 2008.  We have fondue for supper every year!  Yum!

Christmas 2009.  Our baby blessing.

Yes, we bought our children pink fuzzy slippers that year.  :D  We had threatened for years, and decided to actually do it.  It was hilarious.

Pretty girls on Christmas day.

And yes.  We STILL want YOU to have a Merry Christmas!  :)



  1. LOL so cute!

    Becky does have amazing hair. Lucky girl. And the pink slippers still slay me.

  2. Aww. So adorable. love the last one.


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