Tuesday 2 November 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday and more!

I woke up this morning to our first heavy frost.  Definitely a killing frost.  The last of my pink flowers that I took pictures of two days ago are now wilted.

Frosty leaves.

Frosty grass.


Frosty field. (Love the sky! Looking to the west, and the sun is coming up behind me.)


This is the photo I'm using for Touch-Up Tuesday.


In PSE9 I ran Perfect Workflow, then ran PW's Boost and erased the boost levels off of the grass. Really like how it turned out. :)


Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Poor Mr. T out in the frosty morning. The kittens are living in our basement window well right now, because there was a skunk in the shed that we think sprayed their mom... and they still slightly smell. I felt bad for the sad, meowing kittens this morning, and gave them an old t-shirt to lie on. Yes, I'm a suck for kittens.


And finally, I'm linking this picture to Scripture and a Snapshot. I searched for a verse with "frost" in it, and this one just jumped out at me. It's perfect for us.  "Given birth" reminds me that gestation is nine months long.  Well, we went through nine months of Jeff being laid off from work.  That was really difficult.  But, we know that it came from God.  It was in His plan.  Even the ice and frost and snow comes from God.  He controls the weather, and so controls Jeff's job.  We're *hoping* for lots of ice, because that means that his job will last... but ultimately it's in God's hands.


Have you had any frost in your area yet?Photobucket


  1. Those are lovely frost shots! And such a cute kitten!

  2. I'm a sucker for anything cute and helpless. Really.

    Great shots, they look cold. My backyard was pretty white this morning.

  3. Love the frosty pictures! I should have gone out this morning, but I was too cold and lazy. My loss, I guess! ;)

    That kitten is begging me to adopt him. I can see it in his eyes...... le sigh.

    Beautiful scripture & snapshot! :)

  4. Wow! Awesome photos. Made me chilly just looking at them. Your edit really made the leaf pop. Great job and that kitten is so adorable! Love them all.

  5. I love your scripture and snapshot photo...beautiful and your touch up is just perfect. We're still months before we'll see any frost!

  6. Nice touch up. You must of woke really early to photograph the frost!

  7. Beauties! I love that crunchy,frosty grass...and the kitten, sooo cute.

  8. I love the ground level shot of the grass! very cool!

    I did a touch-up today :D You always do it, so I thought I would give it a try ;)


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