Monday 1 November 2010

October 2010 Photo Hunt - All Done!

Phew!  It's been a crazy month.  I've remembered to take my camera with me wherever I go, and was checking the list constantly.  I still ended up having to rush around yesterday and finish my list, but I'm happy with the results.  :)

So, here we go!

1. In Disguise

My baby girl is a "Little Stinker"!  :)  Most of my kids have worn this costume.  Still love the skunk.  :D

2.  Crisp

Love the crunchy leaves.  This pile was on my deck.

3.  Fall Colours

My hubby found this road when he went a back way to town.  He took me there just so I could take pictures.  So lovely.

4. A Jack O' Lantern

When we went to buy our pumpkin, they were sold out.  :(  So, no carving this year.  I do have this electric jack o' lantern that we've had for a few years.  Great in a pinch.  ;)

5.  A Shot from the Ground

A while ago, our local town put stairs in that go up the cliff from the beach to the town above.  It's quite a workout to go up and down those stairs!

6.  A Landscape

Near our farm.  The VERY controversial windmills.  I love the hint of Lake Huron you can see in the distance.

7.  A Fall Tradition

I don't know about you, but every year we have to rake and rake.  So, I think this counts as a Fall Tradition.

8.  Books

I decided to go with something different.  We bought an e-reader recently, and the kids have been doing some of their school reading on it.  They really like it, and so do I.  :)

9.  Dining

I didn't know what to do for this one, so I used some of my 'nicer' dishes.  The china belonged to my Great-Aunt, the silverware was my Grandma's, and the wine glass was a wedding present for me and my hubs.

10. Children

I almost used this picture for "from the ground".  My kids were standing up on a boat deck, and I was on the ground underneath them.

11.  Faces Formed in Nature

I was wandering around the farm, looking and looking for a face, when I walked over to the barn.  And there it was!!  Is that not a perfect face??  :D

12.  Tilt-Shift Photography

I was standing on the cliff above the lake, looking down at the marina.  Really happy with how it turned out.  I did the tilt-shift in Photoscape.

13.  B & W with selective colouring

We had our annual "Scary Party" at my sister's on Saturday.  Michael was taking a rest from playing and sat with the pumpkins.  I thought it was a perfect picture for this.

14.  Bokeh

We have an old log behind our shed.  I went back there, looking for faces, and found it covered in tiny plants.  Makes for some great bokeh!

15.  Best photo taken Oct. 23rd

All the older kids had to go to swimming lessons, and so my baby girl and I hung out at the beach.  They have a boat at the playground.  I love the look on her face... she wasn't struck on being in the boat.  ;)

16.  Something from the Kitchen

I love these spices.  They have so much flavour.

17.  Something Vintage

I don't think everyone has a pair of dog? cat? S&P shakers!  :D  These belonged to my hubby's grandparents.  Pretty vintage, I think.

18.  Something creepy

*shudder*  Well, *I* think it's pretty creepy.

19.  Something Golden

Golden sun rays over Lake Huron.  We have some of the best sunsets.

20.  Self-Portrait

Of the tons of pictures I took of myself, I don't hate this one.  ;)  I tried going outside to take a picture yesterday, and seriously, I'm not kidding, it started to *snow* just as I stepped out the door.  Brrr!  I stayed out for a while, braving the cold, but when my hands were shaking as I was trying to snap the picture, I figured I'd better quit.  My cheeks are still really red from the cold!

So there you go!  I had a lot of fun with this challenge.  I hope you join in next time.

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  1. Love your sunset photo! I really like your processing of the dining pic. Here are mine:

  2. These are great! I love your shot from the ground. Great job!

  3. There are so many goodies in here - let's see...your selfie is great, I love your landscape and

  4. Yay - you did it! The dining pic is neat! I still have no idea what "Bokeh" means. Other than it sounds like bouquet and it's sorta a flower. nice job!

  5. Great shots. Your kids are adorable. Loved your face in nature. It's perfect. I also loved your dining and the story behind the pieces.

  6. Again, I love Love LOVE lake Huron. It is my favorite Great lake, so naturally your golden shot is my favorite, too.

    Great series as always!

  7. Those are so cool!

    I love the "children" one, and the "bokeh" one, and your self portrait! Very nice! ":D

  8. Adeena (yes I'm first naming you so you know I'm serious)...FAVORITE PICS FROM YOU EVAH!! Really! WOW, they're ALL so good! So clear, so colorful, great variety, love the 5 kids together, you are GORGEOUS!!!...those eyes!!!...and ahem?? your tilt-shift is perfect! PERFECT!! Really proud of you, and you must be feeling great about these! Go you!

  9. What a darling face formed in nature - I love it! Really like you tilt-shift and creepy photos, too. Great job, and thanks for stopping by:)

  10. awesome lake huron shot...beautiful! the shot from the ground one was neat, too!

  11. Great great shots! Love disguise! Love golden and creepy! Awesome job!

  12. lots of great shots here - vintage, face in nature, and your dining shot was a great idea!! kudos!

  13. you did such a good job with these pictures. i have to say i love your vintage salt and pep!

  14. Great collection! Love the faces in nature and tilt shift! Also, all the shots of the kiddos!


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