Thursday 7 October 2010

You Capture - Faces

This week's You Capture challenge was faces.

I haven't picked up my camera very often in the last week.


I took it with me yesterday while we were out dropping the oldest three kids at karate.

Hannah was sleeping, so Michael and I hung out in the van.

And played with the camera.

He was very impressed that I could take his picture in the mirror.

He had to come around to the driver's side to try it in the other mirror.

This is the "grin" I get when I ask for a smile.

He thought it was more important to take a picture of his cool car tires.

 This face kills me.  I think he was talking about cars in general.  I should write down everything this kid says.  He slays me constantly.  I've died so many times because of what comes out of his mouth.  ;)

It was a lot of fun hanging out with my little buddy.

Did you capture any cool faces this week?  Link up at Beth's.




  1. Oh Adeena! I laughed the whole way through this post. Looks like you guys had an awesome time... and he looks like a TON of fun!

  2. Ahhh, boys!! They always do things you don't expect. Love the expressions!!

  3. How much fun! I especially like the first shot.

  4. Great idea to use the side mirrors - you got some fun captures!

  5. Looks like so much fun! Great faces.


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