Wednesday 6 October 2010

Lake Huron

While my older kids were at dance class, Hannah and I went to take some pictures of Lake Huron.  I was trying to cross a few things off my Oct. Photo Hunt list. 

This one shows the salt mine where my hubby is finally back to work!!  Yay!  Being laid off since the end of Jan. has been really hard, and he's so glad to be working again.  And, as a side note, Jeff was actually under the lake at the time I was taking these pictures.  ;)

There are lots of benches along the cliff to sit and watch the gorgeous sunsets.

The lighthouse. 

And, the sunset.  I had to rush back to get Michael in time, so I couldn't stay to get all the gorgeous sunset, but I love the glow in this one.

I need to bring my camera to town more often.  There are so many beautiful places to take pictures, and I have an hour to kill with just my baby girl.  :)


  1. Great photos but that sunset shot is seriously amazing!

  2. Lake Huron is my favorite of all our great lakes. Beautiful shots!

  3. Beautiful photos. I would love to be there. So gorgeous!

  4. OK, it's settled. I'm moving somewhere cool. Darn you Nebraska! These are gorgeous and I'm offically jealous. Humpf!

  5. Yes, a whole hour with just one seems like such a chunk of space!!

    I'm glad you live where you do so you can put up the pictures. I like pictures of the water. :)

  6. Aw man! I was just dropping by to see your Flashback Friday, but um.... still Thursday. I need a vacation. Lucky, since we're leaving tomrrow for a getaway. Whew!


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