Friday 27 August 2010

Flashback Fridays

Today, I'm flashing back to August 27th, 2007.

We were headed to a campground in Quebec.  We were at a rest stop on the way there, just inside the province of Quebec.  It was a beautiful day.  Blue, blue sky, and lots of sunshine.

And we saw it.

A sign.

Apparently, dogs are not allowed to... well, go.


French grass is too pretty.  No doggie doo-doo allowed to spoil it's perfection.

I'm pretty sure the intent was no poop in the trash, but how hilarious is that sign?!??  I'm sure my dog would have had crossed legs after a week.  ;)


  1. Who knew that doggy doo doo was too pretty for French Grass. Ha ha.

  2. I want that sign. They should have had a gift shop.

  3. Love this post! A few years ago, while in Germany, we came across a sign nearly identical to this one. My dad has his father in law (my grandpa) pose next to it with a "thumbs up". Sigh. Men. ;)

  4. LOL my neihbor has two huge dogs who leave us surprises every morning! I should get that sign made and put it out front! lol! ur newest follower!


  5. Hello! That sign is too funny! I found your blog through Mama's Little Nestwork and I love it. I can't wait to read future posts. I'm your newest follower.


  6. That's made me giggle. Now doggie, just do your walk and hold it in until we get home!

  7. I need a sign like that for my yard! :-)


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