Tuesday 20 July 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday

It's Touch-Up Time!  :D

This week, I'm using a picture of my pretty baby sister - who turned 14 years old yesterday!  (gasp, gag, choke, die-a-little-bit)

Here's the SOOC shot:  (*Note: I *always* re-size for the web.  Or it would be HUGE!)


She's in my brother's truck.  (See her new earrings??  Very nice!  :)

In Photoscape I:

Rotated slightly
Cropped to 5x7
Gamma Bright to 1.20
Ran Low Portra effect (my favourite!)
60% Bloom over her eyes
Added light vignette (40%, I believe.)

In PhotoStudio I:

Sharpened lightly
Brightened eyes slightly
Cloned out some of the dirty window
Added watermark

And here it is:


Here they are side by side:


Do you edit your pictures?  Then show us your steps, and join in at Karli's.  :)


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  1. Very nice and subtle. Just the right amount of change.

  2. Totally agree with Ashley! Subtle but a definite boost; just the right amount to give her a little pop. And may I say how sharp and clear this picture is - goodness!

    Can't believe you have a sis that's 14! Sheesh! She could be my daughter. *sigh*

  3. ^ Karli - she *could* be my daughter, too. :D I was almost 21 when she was born. (And now you know that I am so old!! ;)

  4. She is so pretty! But of course, she is our sister! XD

    I changed her diapers.

    And wiped her bum when she was on the potty.

    And zerberted her neck to make her gag.

    And she's FOURTEEN! Aaaaaaaaaaaugh!

    Great editing, by the way. ;)

  5. The neck zerberts were so fun.

    Pretty pretty young lady.

    Nice picture.

  6. very nice I like how sometimes you dont have to over edit to make it get a great photo.


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