Monday 19 July 2010

I ♥ Faces - Over my head

It's another iheartfaces photo challenge!

This week, the theme is "Over my head."  So, Becky and I went out to try and capture something that fit the theme.  She brought out her teeny umbrella that she loves.

She was up in the treehouse, and we got some cute pics, but I liked this one best.  She was watching her brothers on the trampoline.


For more pics "over my head", go check out iheartfaces.


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  1. She is such a pretty girl!

    I love it, Adeena! What a good picture. Great idea, too, using the umbrella! :D

    I need to figure something out for the challenge, too.... I haven't done anything for iheartfaces in a while! :-o

  2. She's looking like she wants to be on that trampoline, too---what a sweet, wistful expression you've captured....

  3. The expression on her face is everything. So sweet. You just want to give her a hug!

  4. Yeah, I'd want to be on the trampoline too! She's so pretty - great shot.

  5. Umbrella's are fun. Reminds me of Mary Poppins, who is still one of my favorite characters ever.

    Becky's so pretty.

  6. I love that we don't know what or where she is looking.

    Funny thing with umbrella...we hardly use them in San Diego...and my daughter always ask to use it. :oP

  7. She does look like she'd rather be jumping! Such a pretty girl.

  8. I love this shot of your daughter. Wow, you can really see how Hannah looks like her big sis. My kids don't look anything like each other, and I think it's ADORABLE when they do. I love her expression...

    I was just dreaming this evening of when Livia will be able to hold an umbrella, to get some really cute shots. In keeping with her M.O. of uncooperativness, it might be awhile. Hope you had a great Monday! :-)


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