Wednesday 16 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday



  1. All right, my friend. Spill your secrets. Spill them NOW. Smiling, sitting in a chair nicely, "posing," looking at the flower sweetly??? How are you capturing these precious shots? They are absoltely lovely! I can't WAIT for you to see my post about Livia and the flower misadventure. Coming next week... LOL! :-)

  2. Oh she is so adorable! And I agree with Karli, you must spill your secrets. The best picture I got of Deklan yesterday was when he was clinging to my legs like a monkey.

    He would NOT look at the camera, he would NOT smile, and he would NOT stay in the places I put him... also, he would NOT not eat anything and everything he could reach. :P

    Hannah's so stinking cute. :)

  3. I heart the last one. Heart it large.

  4. My 'secret'? Only put up the 4 pictures out of thirty that are cute. XD

    And, having a daddy handing her pretty flowers, and a big brother laughing at her helps, too.

    Also, Hannah is just a good baby. Which helps a lot. ;)

    Karli - I can't wait to see your post with Livia. :D I bet even though she wouldn't cooperate, it's going to be awesome. :)

    Sarah - Well, you could take pictures of him eating grass and leaves... if it didn't freak you out so much. :P He's only trying to imitate Uncle Dan. :D

  5. Wow.

    Pretty productive photo shoot you had there.

    Ava refuses to look at me if I'm holding the camera. In fact, she ups and runs away.

    Emma is my only good model.

    The boys wiggle and make weird faces.

    But Emma? Emma is good.


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