Tuesday 15 June 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday

Yay!!  Karli from thebonnie5 has started hosting Touch-Up Tuesdays.

Here's my first try:


Hannah.  Sunday.  Outside.  With a flower behind her ear.  Holding a dandelion.  On a rocking chair.  (Thanks for the idea, Karli!  ;)

Apeture: 3.2
Shutter:  1/250 sec
ISO: 80
Focal length: 13.7mm

Not bad.  I mean, it's my baby girl, so of course it's adorable.  ;)

Edited in Photoscape.

Brightened a bit.  Ran Low Cross-Processed filter, and light vignetting.

Don't her eyes just pop now??

Now it's your turn!

Karli is totally awesome, so even if you don't join in for Touch-Up Tuesday, you should still visit her blog and check out her gorgeous children!  :)



  1. That's a great idea! And her eyes, knock 'em down blue!

  2. That's awesome!

    I love that you're posting your camera settings now, very helpful to ditzy me. :D

    Hannah's eyes are SO blue. Crazy blue. Incredibly blue.

  3. Karli is awesome? Gorgeous children? OK, now my big head isn't going to fit thru the doorway! LOL! :-) Oh my goodness, this is the cutest pic EVER! She is absolutely GLOWING in your touch-up! Those eyes!! WOW! I love the whole thing...how you set her in the chair, the flower, everything! You have got to be happy with that picture; it's wonderful!! (I tried to take a picture with Livia last night holding a flower - it will be for an upcoming post - and she was slinging it across the yard. She wanted nothing to do with it. It was hysterical.) When you see it, you can think of your well-behaved little sweetie in the chair, holding her flower nicely). HA HA! Thanks so much for playing! :-)

  4. What a sweet little girl! Your edit & the set up w/ her in the flowers is perfect! Great job! :)

  5. Love those blue eyes:)
    Good job.

  6. What a total sweetie you have! Nice composition - I love the flowers in the background too! Nicely done!


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