Saturday 19 June 2010

They're back!

Our kittens were missing for a few days.  We were worried that something had gotten to them.

But, I'm happy to say, they're back!!  :D

Tigger on the railing.

Murdock climbing Michael.  :D

Hannah "petting" Rida.  ;)

Flo and babies enjoying a treat of clams!

Tigger's belly is full of clams.

We're so glad they're okay.  They are so much fun!  And, I know that they're outdoor cats, and chances are they won't stick around forever (we've done this before, so I know) but for right now, watching kittens play is the best form of entertainment!  :D


  1. Whew, I know the feeling. They are so fuzzy and cute:)

  2. I'm so glad they're back!!!

    Seriously considering taking Joe.

    Mice in my Shack already.....

  3. Mice already?!??

    You should take Joe. He needs a home. Flo beats him up all the time.

  4. Well where the heck do you suppose they were?

  5. Jess - I have no idea. They couldn't have been far - maybe back our field laneway or something.

    BTW - Anybody want a well-socialized kitten? ;) Murdock is spoken for (right, Linda? >:} ) but the other two aren't yet. And Tigger is SOOOOO friendly! I lub him.


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