Friday 18 June 2010

Flashback Fridays

My sister Linda will be 22 on Monday.  O.o  That freaks me out, man.

Here are two flashbacks for ya!

Baby Linda.  1989.  Awwww...

2002.  Linda and Rebekah.  Yes, Rebekah really did have BLACK hair!! 

Happy almost Birthday, Linda.  :)


  1. Eeeew Linda's going to be 22.

    You know, she's probably grinning like that -holding that bat- because she's on her way to go smack some heads around. Mine, probably. Or maybe Matt's.

    Linda is pure evil, after all.

    Love baby Becky! So cute and squishy! XD

  2. Awwww. She was SUCH a cute baby!!

    I remember Becky's black hair.

    Happy Birthday Linda!!

  3. I miss that bat....XD

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes! I know you're probably telling me this early because on my actual birthday you're going to be sad that the days are going to start getting shorter... :P


  4. 22?? Thanks for making me feel totally old. ;-) Thanks also for your sweet comments about Livia! What a goofball she is! And I got my bucket (beverage container) from Super Target. Not expensive at all. My kind of restraining device! Have a great weekend.

  5. Happy almost birthday to Linda:) She is pretty!

  6. The dimples kill me. Notice that she is in a dress... but that it's filthy. She was busy chasing siblings through the campsite.

    Becky's hair was black and thick. Hard to believe it was so dark when you look at her now.

    wv: whives (whiny wives? weird hives??)


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