Saturday 12 June 2010


We have three lawnmowers.

A regular riding mower, a zero-turn mower, and a push mower.

We have piles of grass, people.  And, this year, Justin was finally old enough to help mow, so instead of taking over 5 hours, the mowing was cut down to about 3.

Our zero-turn has been snapping belts.  Belts are not cheap.  Finally, we called in to TSC, and asked if we could get it checked under warranty.

We can!  Yay!

So, it's on the trailer, ready to go to the shop on Monday.

Jeff wasn't worried, though.  We still had the other riding mower.


The tires aren't supposed to look like that.

The front end snapped on him.  We had another old mower, and he was hoping that he could steal it's front end.

Nope.  :(  Didn't fit.

So, now we're down to the push mower.

And thankfully, it worked!  Jeff finished cutting our hay field yard.

So, the parts are ordered to fix the rider, the zero-turn will be fixed next week, and hopefully both mowers will be up and running by next week... when the grass will have to be cut again.

Hannah doesn't really like the long grass.  ;)

But I like the orange flowers.



  1. Busted up mowers are uncool. And I like the orange flowers, too.

  2. Patrick!! You commented!! And FIRST!! :D :D

  3. Love the flower picture.

    And Jeff cut that grass with the PUSH MOWER? Surely not all of it.

  4. That flower picture is gorgeous! And Hannah is adorable. And mowers that aren't working for one reason or another, suck.


  5. The PUSH mower?!?

    I bet he watered the grass nicely by doing it that way.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous flower pic.

    That's like a print off and hang on the wall one.

  6. La sigh indeed. Mowers should be generic so you can swap parts. We should call our MP's.

  7. The day was sunny, but was it raining as a result of the push mower+Jeff?

  8. I cut behind the house beside the house and the play yard.

  9. GRRRR!!! Just lost my {long} comment to you!! Here's the run-down: I said how your baby girl cracks me up with those i love your flower i need to go find some flowers to photograph...and lastly, if perhaps you'd like to trade homes with me. I'd love to just let my kids RUN!! :-)

  10. I adore the last shot!! How much I love it!
    And yes, broken machines are frustrating!

  11. Hi again! Back to ask you how you edited the flower picture (if you don't mind of course!)

  12. Nope, I don't mind! :D

    All I did was run a High Cross-Process on it. :) I use Photoscape. I think I might have upped the saturation by a tiny bit, too. I love running Cross-process on pictures with orange - they just seem to pop!

    The steel in the background is silver, and the flowers really are a vibrant orange.

  13. I love the stories you tell with your pictures. That last one of the flowers is a dozzy!

  14. Hmm, interesting. Thanks a bunch!! Can't wait to try it myself. Yes, Photoscape is pretty cool!


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