Sunday 27 June 2010

Kitty love.

She loves kitties.

Oh, yes she does.

Lovin' on Murdock.

Squealing and squeezing.  :)

"Patting" Tigger on her shoulder... like she does with her dolls.

She kept spinning around in a circle, and stopping to pat the kitten.  He lay there.  Don't think he minded.  ;)



  1. The kittens are so much fun. We will have to visit Murdock and Tigger at Granny's when they get adopted;)!

  2. Such beautiful pictures of Baby Nanna loving those kitties.

    I do think they look like they are simply enduring. "When is she going to let me go?"

  3. Very cute. Hannah looks like she's won the lottery.

  4. WAAAAAY too stinkin' cute!!!! Love it!

  5. She's so cute with them! It's just too adorable. It make my head asplode.

    Tigger is so cute. If I were to adopt a cat, it would be him. Alas.


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