Thursday 6 May 2010

You Capture - Spring part 2

The theme this week for You Capture is spring... again.  :)

There are so many different springy things, that Beth decided it needed two weeks.

She's right.  :)

Here's the spring things I captured this week:

Getting ready to plant some seeds.

This year's garden plan... mostly finalized.  ;)

First seeds in the garden.

The lettuce is peeking out!  :D

Spring also means machinery in the field.

My apple blossoms are finally out... and beautiful.

And, I have to put up this one... what a difference one week makes!  Last week, this week:

What do you love about spring?  Join in the fun at Beth's.




  1. I LOVE the apple blossoms! Great pictures.

    I also love your organizational skillz. That garden plan is awesome. I just go out and shove things into the ground.....

  2. Awesome!! :D

    I love your new header, too. Great pictures of all the kids.

    And, when did you put in a signature??? That's awesome too! :D

  3. ARGH!

    I just tried to post a comment and stupid blogger said "error!" stupid stupid blogger.

    I said a bunch of nice things and complimented your photography and gardening skills, said your kids were gorgeous and your signature is cool, and then I said I was insanely jealous of your gardening skills and also your red maple.

    That is all.

  4. Love the pictures I wish I had time for a big garden I just have my small little container herb garden this year. Too much other yard work to catch up on.... Oh how I wish I had time to take pictures this week, I'm jealous of yours ;)

  5. EEK!! Little packets! Little plants! Organization!! Switch lives with me, 'K? :-)
    Loved the pics!

  6. I just finsihed planting my garden, I can't wait to see my seeds popping up like yours!

  7. Yay for someone else getting a shot of spring field work!

  8. Love the garden map! I thought I was the only dirt-nerd :)

  9. Looks like you are having a lot of spring fun!!! I miss this time of year at my grandparents farm :)

  10. Your garden looks like it is going to be awesome! Love the pics :D

  11. Wow you have lots of space to plant a garden !


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