Friday 7 May 2010

Flashback Fridays

This week, I thought I'd flashback to ... 1989.

My sister is turning 30 in 5 days.  (Gasp!  Yet another of my siblings!!  It's an epidemic!!)

So, here she is in 1989... with Great Aunt Kathy.

On the left, with some siblings and cousins at our yearly reunion.

And finally, 11 years ago. 

Happy (almost) 30th Birthday, Rachel!  (Even if it makes me gag a little bit.  :P  )


  1. Ha! I remember that reunion!
    Still kills me how much Heidi looks like her.

    Happy Birthday (soon) Rachel!!
    Welcome to the ranks of the old...

  2. I don't remember that reunion, but my heart melted a little bit seeing me snuggling up to Heather! I have good big sisters. :D

    And Heidi is totally Rachel's clone. It's crazy!

  3. Happy Birthday, Rachel. Great pictures, Adeena. Heidi definitely looks like her mommy.

  4. I am too pretty. What to do. :p


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