Thursday 22 April 2010

You Capture - Sweet

This week's You Capture challenge is sweet.

So, I walked through my kitchen this morning looking for sweet things.  I found...

Homemade Maple Syrup and Maple candy, 
 Canadian Honey,

My kids' favourite gluten-free cereal, Koala Crisp  (it's chocolatey and crunchy... mmmm...)

And, my favourite sweet thing of all, this face that was crawling around on the floor.  :)

Can you find some sweet things at your house?

Come and join the fun at Beth's.



  1. mmmmmm.......I want to chew Hannah too. I'm addicted to her sweetness.

  2. Oh, what sweet little cutie!

  3. YUM! Maple syrup and candy...delicious! Your baby is precious as always! :-)

  4. oh, my husband would kill for some of that homemade maple syrup. He LOVES maple syrup and it breaks his hear that they are so freakin expensive here.

    I totally agree...the sweetest thing in your home is that adorable smiley baby face :)

  5. Maple candy... mmmmm... Very sweet baby face too!


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