Friday 23 April 2010

Flashback Fridays

My brother Matt turned 26 yesterday.  (*Gasp, choke, die-a-little-bit*)

So, this week's flashback is Matt!  :)

This picture is Matt, with Sarah and Sandy, our dog.  About 1990, I think.

Here's Matt with one of his infamous grins, and Linda.  I think 1991.

Christmas 1991!  With Daniel.  (Pants on the ground, Dan.  ;)

Before the ear-pinning surgery... notice that he's positioned so that you can see his lovely 80's hair from the back, too.  Man, I was good.  :D

After surgery.  Like a model, I say.

Matt's original drum set.

Matt's 2nd best Christmas present ever.  Crash test dummy motorcycles.

So there you have it.  

P.S.  Happy Birthday Matt!  :)


  1. This made me smile. Bought back so many memories.

    How did you get all those pictures? Are they all ones you took?


  2. Aww! I remember Sandy! She was a good dog.

    I also remember that couch. And Matt getting the crash test dummies... I'm not sure what I got that year for Christmas, I think it was the same year I got my hamster who died the next week. :/

    Great post, Adeena! Lots of memories. :)

  3. We had that flowery couch too :)

    Happy Birthday to your brother!

    (and did you know that Jo at Mylestones does a blog carnival called Flashback Fridays? you could link up. Jo's GREAT. Just saying.) :)

  4. Love the 'do.

    Great pictures.

  5. @ Heather #1 - Yes, they're all pictures I took. I'm surprised you don't remember me stalking the halls with a camera, ready to catch someone looking stupid. ;)

    @ Heather #2 - No, I don't know Jo at Mylestones, but I'll have a look! :D

  6. Ohh...I'm dying over your "old" pictures!! They honestly brought a tear to my eye (no kidding)...and I don't even know anyone in them!! There's something I love (and kind of makes me sad) about old photos. I post process mine that way sometimes. LOVE the photos. Now you've totally made me want to drag out some old ones of me and my family. Yep, I'm totally going to do that! :-) (New project) - lol!


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