Thursday 29 April 2010

You Capture - Spring

This week's You Capture challenge is spring.

It's still pretty cold here - there was frost on the ground this morning.  FrostBrrr...

So, there aren't a lot of flowers out here yet.  They usually wait till May.

Here's what I captured this morning.

Tulips, not even open yet. 

Lilac buds!

Red Maple leaves.

Our beautiful, huge Chestnut tree.  (Can I just say how beautiful the sky is this morning??  Wow!)

Yesterday was my baby's 9 month birthday.  She's so big!  And, sitting in spring-green grass at the beach.

And finally, just because I couldn't resist....


Now go to Beth's, and check out more spring pictures!


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  1. That last shot made me giggle :) What a doll your sweetie is! Great post!

  2. Spring! That is great! My tulips didn't come up this year :( Thanks for the comment on my blog. The shoes are actully from my wedding, I love them!

  3. Ha! Spring. XD

    Banana is getting TOO big!!!! Ack! She's so cute, though. And that grass is SO green!

  4. Your baby has the bluest eyes ever, beautiful!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Tulips are my faves.

  6. Spring.. HA!
    Made me laugh.

    Hannah on the beach is gorgeous.

  7. BEAUTIFUL shots as always...and your baby - TOO CUTE! :-) LOL, my husband said I should do a picture of a "spring" too.

  8. Great Capture! Love the little on on the beach. She's beautiful. It's crazy how fast time flies once you have a baby!

  9. Ha! Good one. Great pics, as usual. And, you went to the BEACH!

  10. Aww, those blue eyes are so adorable!

  11. What's up with that? I thought you hated the beach. ;p

    Pretty Pretty.

  12. these are great shots! :) we've had some chilly weather here the last few mornings too. Sad. But I know its supposed to be nice this weekend. Yay!

  13. A spring. Right. LOL!

    Your baby is squeezably adorable.

  14. Your stole my idea for next week's challenge with your last picture! Haha

    Great captures and beautiful little girl!

  15. The pic of your baby is beautiful. And what a nice family. I'm guessing you live somewhere in the north if your tulips and lilacs are just barely blooming. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

  16. Oooooh, lilac buds! I can't WAIT for our lilacs to bloom! Soon!

  17. I was going to rave on and on about the green leaves against the blue blue skies. It's something I've tried to capture for a couple of weeks in a row. But then I saw your baby's blue blue eyes and I forgot all about the sky. Her eyes are arresting, she is gorgeous and the overall picture is drop-dead BEAUTIFUL!


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