Friday 30 April 2010

Flashback Fridays

So, my baby is now 9 months old.  O.o

In honour of that, this week's flashback is ALL of my babies at 9 months old!!

First, it's Justin.

 Yes, he really does have blue-grey eyes.  And check out that hair!!  I'd forgotten how much he had.  He still has so much.  It chokes the clippers whenever I cut his hair.

Next is Ethan.  Our bundle of energy.  This boy walked at 9 months old.  (He wasn't quite walking in this picture, but he had his balance!)

Then, my beautiful 1st baby girl.  Babecky, Becky-ree, Betty-Sue, Little Miss Dimples... she answers to a lot of names.  And her dimples.... need I say more?  ;)

My brown baby boy.  Michael-man was 10lbs, 4 ozs when he was born.  At home.  With no drugs.  ;)  He has the best brown skin ever.  By the end of summer, he's brown all over.  This picture doesn't do him justice.

And finally, a flashback to two whole days ago!!  :D

Here's BaNana, at the beach (and yes, I like the beach when it's not hot and sandy and full of people, so there! :P  ).  She wasn't in a great mood, so we didn't get any smiles from her... but still.  She's too adorable!  :D

Sigh.  They grow up so fast!!

That's it for this week.

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  1. Do you know that if I were asked to find pictures of all my babies at a certain age, it would be a fate worse than death for me?

    You are SO organized.

    I am not.

    Glad you got the good genes.

    Those babies are so very adorable...chewable... I just want to munch on them. Bring them here, fast, so I can snuggle.

  2. No munching one me. Hannah has to smile!!!!!!

  3. All your babies are adorable. It's very cool that you remembered to take their month birthday pictures.

    And no, that one of M-man didn't do him justice at all.

  4. I think Justin and Hannah look the most alike!

    Beautiful babies, all of them!

  5. ^ Yep, I agree. :)

    They are the two that look most like me! :D

  6. They look beautiful.. wonderful pics!

  7. I'm gonna have to do a post like this soon! What a great idea! They are gorgeous!


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