Saturday 6 March 2010


One extra benefit of home-schooling is that we can take the occasional play day.  Yesterday we did just that.  :)  It was a beautiful day - perfect conditions for what might be the last tobogganing opportunity of this winter.  I took 200+ pictures... here's a small sampling.

First we have my baby brother - go, Critter, go!  :D

Next is The Paina - she kept doing this... over and over.  And yes, she's quite bruised.  ;)

Here's Brown Boy!  He had absolutely no fear.  My sister got the exact same picture!

Here goes the Stick Man - and the hand in the air just kills me.  Woo-Hoo!

Here's baby Banana's first ride on a sled!  Dimples went down too, just to make sure she'd be okay.  ;)

The Olympics inspired these boys - the next bobsledding team!!  :D  It kills me that Tyler - my brother in law - is squished in the middle.  ;)

Even Granny got in on the action!  With little Miss "Fear?  What's that?"

Jeff and Dan got all turned around... and lost a rider.  ;) 

Nin nin was killing me.  He kept trying to go over the ramp on his snowboard.. and he actually finally landed on his feet!  But not in this shot.  ;)

T was also rockin' the snowboard.  Way to go!

Tea ... with her coat on.  It eventually came off.  (How's the arm doing?)

Best buds.  Yes, their coats match.  :)  They were too adorable to watch.  I'm pretty sure they both just went down the hill ... sitting on the snowboards.  :D

Auntie Lala and S.  Wheeeeee!

The J-man.  He kept sliding when I didn't have the camera ready!  But this one is too hilarious.

The Duck-man and Uncle Jay, hanging out in the pavillion.

And baby Nana.  She watched the whole show - but her poor little eyes were tearing up from the cold wind.

It was a great day!  I think we should make it an annual tradition.  (I'm sure the kids won't object.  ;)


  1. Didn't anyone get a picture of Tea on her skis?

  2. I did... but she's behind some people. :/ I'll check again later.

  3. Awesome shots Adeena.

    It was a great day.
    Even though I can barely walk.
    And we definitely need to do that again.

  4. I don't think any adults would object either.

  5. It was so much fun!! We totally need to do it again. I would have stayed longer, but my baby was cold and hungry. :/

    Great pictures! I haven't even looked at mine yet, I have to put them on my computer. Up the total from 40,000 to 40,342. ;)

  6. The air the kids got on those first photos is amazing! Must have been a fun day. Almost makes me miss the snow...but not quite.


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