Sunday 7 March 2010

He's nine!

Today my baby is nine.  Our "Stick Man" is our only blonde baby.  Oh, some of the others have blonde hair, but Stick Man is white blonde.  Has been since the day he was born. 

He was an early walker - only 9 months old! 

One year old!

Just over a year old, and loved to play outside.

He has the best hair for spiking.  It stands straight up!

Yes, that's a princess on his shirt.  When he turned 7, I made him an "Enchanted" shirt.  He hated that movie.  It was hilarious.  :D


He had a "long hair" stage at 8.  He actually could pull it off, too.  His hair was so shiny.  But, I made him chop it off.  ;)

And now, he's nine.  That means next year he'll be ten.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for that!

Happy Birthday to my second-born hilarious, smart, eyebrow-waggling, sha-sha-sha-ing son!


  1. Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

    My, what a gorgeous baby he was. I forgot.

    I heart the first pic. Made me say "awwwwww."

    Next year you will have TWO kids in the double digits. Ha.

  2. The first picture looks just like his Mommy. She, too, was crazy-blonde and pink and white.

    I heart all of the pictures of Stick Man. More than that, I LOVE HIM!! ((((hugs)))) to the Birthday boy.

  3. Ah!! That first picture made me want to be pregnant again, like, now! Little pink wrinkly baby, oooooooh!!!

    Ethan is too stinking cute. I loved his long hair stage, too. It was rad!

    Happy Birthday, Ethan! :D

  4. He totally had the look with the long hair. I vote for it again!


    Love you bunches, and I'm going to make you a bean cake when you turn 10, I will.


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