Monday 29 March 2010

I ♥ Faces - Black and White

This week at i♥faces, it's all about the drama... in black and white, of course.  :)

The picture should capture a 'mood'.  I think this captures my intense karate kids quite nicely.  :)
Click to enlarge

Go check out some more drama at i♥faces.


  1. Ooo - quite intense! They did such a good job posing! :D

  2. Awesome Drama!
    Very intense. And no crazy brows from E.

    Now go look at mine, and tell me which one!!!

  3. oh my - I love this!! LOVE IT!! all those boys you lucky woman!!

  4. The big guy's face is priceless. Looks like he's getting ready to attack! Just love it!!! ONLY the one in the middle looks a bit sweet and peaceful-like. :D

  5. @ Tiaras - I *do* have three boys... but, only two of them are in this picture. ;)

    The middle one is my oldest daughter. :D I know, it's hard to tell with her hair back and her earrings out! (Sensei says no earrings allowed in class!)


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