Saturday 27 February 2010

Ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. chaaanges!

It was time for a change.

Those of you who read my blog will (hopefully!) notice it's new look!  :D  It was time for a change.

And to help celebrate that, I've changed the name, too!  No more "La vida", just Life.  And, it really is all about my five kids and my camera, isn't it?  ;)

There may be more changes someday.  (After all, if you read my new "About Me" page, you'll know that I miss moving, but love to rearrange my house to compensate... and that seems to include my blog.  ;)

But, for now, I think this is it.

(Although, a more appropriate title right now might be No More Snot on Mommy!! since the Banana has a cold.  ;)


  1. Love it.

    And I noticed the "about me" and other tabs.

    So fancy.

    And I totally get what you mean about moving.

    I like moving too.
    It's exciting.

  2. I think ya'll like moving because we did it so many times when you were little. It was an exciting adventure each time. The best thing about moving is the purging... getting rid of all the JUNK that's accumulated over the years.

    That's why, even though I LOVE being settled in one spot, I miss moving, too. I like being forced to organize and purge. It's not so pressing when you're staying in one spot.

    I think I'll pretend to move, just so I can get more organized. Love ya bunches.

  3. Yes, it's that... and also, I think, the chance to organize a room to perfection, without a bunch of stuff in the way! :D

    And being able to decorate it just how you want it for the very first time.

  4. There is nothing better than Purging. Or making ones rooms their own. :) I'm only just beginning to understand how to put my stamp on things.

  5. I liked moving, too. I'd like to move again someday, I think it would be an adventure.


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