Tuesday 2 December 2008

Only 23 More days...

It's already December. My (rather cute) Christmas Countdown Santa mocks me from his shelf.
Most years, I am completely ready for Christmas by now. This year, not so much. I *DO* have most of our gifts ready. I think. ;) Because, you see, I haven't even written out our Christmas gift list yet.

I can hear your shocked gasps.

I don't know what it is about this year, but it seems to be ending waaaay to quick for my liking.

We always decorate the house the weekend of our local Christmas parade. (This year, it was the 22nd of Nov.) We got the tree up, the mantel decorated... and kind of petered out. I've been finishing the last of it for the last few days, and finally have put away most of the boxes. I might even find my classroom that's been hiding under all the Christmas stuff. (Thank goodness for large kitchen tables! ;)

I haven't made any Christmas treats yet, either. Being as I can't have dairy products, or chocolate, it kind of makes the list of goodies really, really short. I'm hoping I can do Gingerbread men at least.

So, that's what's been going on here. I'm going to try and get my Christmas gift list written out today. And, I'm going to finish putting away all the boxes. And maybe even start planning some Christmas baking.

How about you? Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. Aaugh! I am SO not ready for Christmas. I still need to get presents, and lights up, and baking planned, and a tree, and.... man. So many things to do.

    I do have a few little Christmas decorations up, and I bought a cheap gift for the dumb gift exchange that the extended family has at their get-together. I hate stinking gift exchanges. Somehow, someway, I always ALWAYS pick the stupidest gift. Why does that happen to me? Why don't I pick the biggest present with the nicest wrapping? Why do I go for the lonely little ugly present in the corner? WHY, why, WHY????

    But I digress.

    I'm going to try to make some yummy Christmas treats that everyone can eat this year. I was thinking some kind of apple dessert until I realized you can't do apples. I'll have a looksie at your listie and figure something out. ;)

  2. Heck no! I'm a failure.

    I have to lock myself away in my room for a day and get all my presents together, right after I find my wits. They went somewhere without me...

    My word is "pimbo". Pimbo. Fun to say. Pimbo pimbo pimbo...

  3. Christmas??? Isn't that the day that you give you Dad all the things that he ever wanted?

  4. Riiiight. All the things my DAD ever wanted. :P

    Sarah - we stopped the stupid Christmas exchange. It's basically a waste of money... you get something that you don't really like/want, and have to act happy about it. I'm much happier without it. :D

    Linda - did you find your wits? ;)

  5. It's snowing. La la la la la la! And it looks like Christmas.

    But I refuse to really get excited about it until Daniel puts the lights on my tree. The outside tree. The one I bought the really expensive LED Solar-Powered lights for.

    When that happens, then I will start decorating and baking. But not until. So it all rests on Daniel's shoulders.

    And my word today is a real word. Conch. Like a Conch shell.


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