Thursday 4 December 2008

A cabin bed for Becky!

Rebekah has been asking to sleep in the top bunk for ages. You see, our little farmhouse is very short on storage, and so we built a "bunk" above her bed to hold some storage tubs of clothes that we have.

Well, we decided to let her have the top bunk... after we jazzed it up. :) This was before - Jeff had grabbed the tubs off the top bunk before I got the camera.

Putting up the pine boards.

Shutters on! :)

Ladder finished, bed made, and all shiny from the varathane.

A look inside Becky's hide-a-way!

All the tubs fit underneath... and there was even enough room to give her a bench.

Rebekah loves her new bed!

And her brothers think it's pretty awesome, too.

Here's the video of the 'reveal'. Notice how Becky was just standing there? She was waiting for the flash of the camera. It was killing me just a little bit. ;) Too funny.


  1. Funderful- but now I want one too!

  2. Yay for Becky! She's so hilarious. :D

    My word is "whazz"

  3. Michael is all about the cabin bed now. ;)

    I would've LOVED a bed like that when I was a kid. Now... I think I'd feel claustrophobic.

    Linda, you are getting the best words lately!! :D

  4. That is SO COOL!!! Becky, you are so very lucky to have a smart mom and a smart dad who can design and build you a cabin of your very own.


  5. Ethan kills me....."I want a light, can I have a light?" And Becky waiting for the flash; you have your kids well trained for the camera!!

    My word is dessimo. Actually sounds like a word.


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