Tuesday 4 November 2008

Time for Phase 1

Yes. It's time.

Justin had his discussion appointment with his Orthodontist yesterday. You know, the one where we discuss all the x-rays he just had, and the results of all the exams he's had since he was five.

He has a severe crossbite that we've been watching for the last 4½ years.

Dr. Beath has decided that the best treatment for his condition is:

1. An extender for his upper jaw. This will require rings placed on his back teeth, with a rod between them. Then, it will be my job to turn it to expand the rod, and his teeth.

2. Braces for his upper teeth. His bottom teeth aren't that bad.

3. Eventually, a retainer.

Since Justin did such a great job allowing Dr. Beath to make molds of his teeth, (he talked about it again yesterday) he feels that he can handle Phase 1. He is pretty young, not quite 10, but if we wait too long, Dr. Beath feels that we're just allowing his adult teeth to continue to come in wrong.

We got to see all the x-rays that they took last month. The one that showed his entire jaw was awesome!! We could see all his adult teeth, ready and waiting for their turn. Dr. Beath said that based on the pictures, Justin would not lose his teeth until about 11½ - which is one year later than the average boy. We also got to see the molds of Justin's teeth. That was pretty neat, too.

So, here they are. These picture are before Phase 1.

You can really see his crossbite in this one. I don't know how the kid chews!! ;)

This is Justin holding his teeth straight - one of the many exercises that Dr. Beath used to diagnos him. You can see that his upper jaw is just too small.

So, there it is. I'll update once we get his expander and braces on.


  1. Wow!

    You know, I have a tiny bit of a crossbite, too. I have make my jaw crooked so my teeth will line up. It's not as noticeable as Justin's, though, but it's in the family. :)

    Cool stuff, Justin! You'll teach those teeth what for, I'm sure! Get 'em all lining up and behaving properly. ;)

    The word I have to type is "cryothoo".... that sounds like something you would say when the Dentist has an instrument in your mouth.

  2. Good for Justin getting it done now! Hurray for teeth that behave! It's neat that when he smiles you can't tell he ain't perfect.

  3. I never realized that his teeth were bad at all, from looking at him. I never really noticed, til I saw and LOOKED at his pictures. That's crazy!!! Poor kid, no wonder he's so skinny!! Yay for teeth getting fixed!!


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