Thursday 6 November 2008

It's November?!?

Yes!! It's November!

Although, you wouldn't know it around here. The sun has been shining, and our temps are in the high teens - we even hit 20ºC today!!

Nice enough that Jeff could cut the grass when he got home from work.

Nice enough that Rebekah could show off her new tree-climbing skill!

Warm enough for everyone to be outside... without sweaters!

Kids enjoying a swing.

I think this kind of weather should be the norm... right up till Dec. 15. Then, it should snow like the dickens just in time for Christmas!! :D Wouldn't that be awesome? :)


  1. No snow until OVERNIGHT December 24th... Then back to 65 - 70F for the balance of winter/spring. Okay, maybe give December 26th with snow for the sake of the snowmobilers...

  2. Dang! The thing just reloaded and lost my comment. My own fault for typing so fast, I guess.

    But, yes. The weather should TOTALLY be like this all the time.

    It's great.

  3. See, I do like *some* snow. It's so nice to be snuggled up by the woodstove while there's a raging snowstorm outside.

    And, the kids can't wait to toboggan. So, we'd have to have at least a month of snow.

    But then it could melt. ;)

  4. Yes I agree, I need to use the snowblower! ;)


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