Friday 24 October 2008

More than "just" gluten-free

I went to my Naturopath yesterday, and had testing done for food allergies.

I am allergic to wheat. No surprise there. There were others, though, that were very surprising.

I am highly allergic too:

Strawberries (ack!)
White potatoes
Apples (who's allergic to apples?!??)
Milk/Milk products (I knew this, but didn't want to admit it... nothing is better than butter.)
Dried beans (navy, kidney, etc. No more chili for me!!)
Broccoli (This one shocked me! I love broccoli!)
Salmon (No wonder I couldn't stand the stuff.. I really was allergic to it! ;)
Soy (I'm sad only because I have to give up Bragg's... I could drink that stuff.)
Pears (Didn't like them anyway.)
Turnips (Same as above.)
Onions (WHAT?? I eat onions all the time... well, I guess I should say I used to eat them... At least Sarah will be happy... ;)
and last but not least...
White Wine.
Red Wine = yumminess. White Wine = bad for me. Weird, eh?

There were other things I reacted to as well, but since they weren't as bad of a reaction, my N.D. told me to start with these, and then we could test again in a few months.

So, hopefully eliminating these foods will help me in my quest for health. And, at least I can still have steak, tomatoes, and red peppers!! Yes!! :)


  1. I am mad about the tomatoes and the peppers. I LOVE them, but can't have them! But I can have onions fried in butter, so Nyah! :P

  2. You are all scaring me away from going to the Naturopath! Although I would LOVE to see if I am allergic to onions.... it would be such sweet vindication.

    It makes sense that you are allergic to strawberries and pineapples, though, because your tongue always swelled up like a balloon when you ate them! Who knew?

  3. Actually, it would be funnier if you weren't allergic to onions!! ;) Since I am. Dammit. :P

    But, I also hated turnip, pears and salmon, and I'm actually allergic to them! So, you just might be allergic to onions.

    But I'm going to miss them. Especially fried in butter.

  4. Yikes! Looking at that list it seems like, what can you eat!?

  5. Lettuce. Lots of lettuce.


    Actually, it's not as bad as it looks. Really. I will miss butter, broccoli, Bragg's and onions, but I didn't eat much of the other things anyway.

    I still get beef, chicken, pork, nuts, yams, squash, tomatoes, eggs, greens, peppers, rice, tapioca, bananas, citrus, cauliflower, and so on.

    I am gorging on jalapeno poppers, (it's the last of the jalapenos from my garden) and Hawaiian pizza tonight. ;) Then, I will stay off all the 'bad' stuff for 6 months. Hopefully by then I can add some stuff back in! :)


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