Monday 20 October 2008

Fall Chores

When you have lots and lots of maple and ash trees in your front yard, they create lots and lots of leaves in the fall. I'm not kidding. ;)

So, this year, it's the kids job to keep those leaves raked up, and disposed of. (Into the field, where they'll rot/get plowed under/blow into the neighbours' yard... mwahahahahahhaa.....)

But, of course, I think it's mandatory for the first leaf pile of the year to become a jumping pile. Who else remembers jumping into a massive pile of leaves? The smell, the crackling sound, the 'whack' your butt made when it hit the ground because you misjudged how deep the pile was.. ;) It's one of the many things that make Autumn so awesome.

"Great job, kids!! Now... put the rakes off to the side...."

And, of course, we had to throw Chester's ball into the pile. Now that's entertainment. ;)
See the itty bitty tip of his tail? And, don't worry. Ethan took pity on him eventually, and found the ball. But, it was pretty funny. :)
So, after the jumping was finished, the kids got all the leaves raked up again, and dumped them into the field. And, the lawn was free of leaves... for about 20 minutes. ;) Anyone feel like raking?(This was in October 2004. See how lots of leaves are still on the trees? Yay.)


  1. I love this photo series- makes me very jealous because we don't have this kind of Autumn in California. Fun for the puppy, too- I'm trying to imagine what my cats would do in a big pile of leaves. :)

    p.s. am glad you like my blog!!! :D

  2. *Clasps hands together*

    Sea commented on my blog!!

    Now I feel famous. :D Of course I like your blog. Gives me lots of inspiration.

    I have two cats, too. Peter would probably love the leaves - he'd stalk them, and jump around in them. Trixie... well, not so much. ;) I don't think she'd find it amusing at all.

  3. Awesome fun! Steve just mows ours. Not so much fun.


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