Saturday 27 September 2008

She tagged me!!

My mom tagged me.  Sadly, I don't know anyone else to tag, (yes, I know I'm pathetic, and have no friends. :P ) but at least I can post 6 random things about myself.  :)

Six Random things about me: 

1.  I like spicy food.  Our favourite thing lately is jalapeno peppers from our garden that are cut in half, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped with bacon, and baked until bacon is cooked.  Sometimes they are so hot that the tears are streaming down my face, but they're so yummy I have to keep eating them.

2.  I miss moving.  I know I'm weird, but I like the adventure.  Maybe that's why my house gets switched around every year or so.  :)  Gotta get the fix in somehow.

3.  I love photography.  I want to get better at it.  I love taking pictures of different things.

4.  I am NOT a dog person.  I prefer cats.  I love how soft my cat Trixie is.  And, I love how 'dog' my cat Peter is. ;)  He still comes when he's called.  And, he knows if he's in trouble - he kind of slinks away with his tail twitching.

5.  I want to learn French.  I would love to be fluent in a second language.  And, I'd also like to learn German.  Just because I think it's fun.  :)

6. I am SO GROSSED OUT by spit, spiders, dog barf, and bugs.  Cat barf, I can handle.  Dog barf is disgusting.  And spiders... shudder.  Oh, and moths, too.  And June bugs.  Well, all insects really.  Except butterflies and dragonflies.  They're cool.  :)

So, there you go.  Did you know all that about me?  Am I really predictable, or did something surprise you?  I think everyone who knows me well would not be surprised by my 6 random things, but you never know. :)


  1. Ich spreche guten deutsch, nein? (pathetic ;) )
    Mmmmm I want jalepeno cream cheese bacon wraps. (what else would you call them?)

  2. The only thing that surprised me is that you miss moving! That's likely because of all the moving you did when you were a child in your parents' house. We did a LOT of moving!

    I have to say, after 19 years of living in one house without a move, I don't miss it yet. I like staying put. Of course, we've done so many renovations over the years it's almost like moving, because there's always something new and different.

    And, I have helped my children move.

    But that's really interesting about you!

  3. Kate - I think the 'official' name is Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingys. ;) And yes, they are awesome.

    Mom - yes, I think it's because we were always moving. Getting a new room, setting it up, etc. was always so much fun. Sometimes it's depressing knowing that I won't be moving again anytime soon. Jeff has moved once. ;) And, my kids will likely only move once, too. So, no one understands my love of moving. Oh well.

  4. I understand!! Totally get it. I REALLY miss it. I'd move in a heartbeat. Can't wait to move. Steve say's 5 more years, or when his parents are dead. I love Ronnie and Mary but......


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