Monday 23 June 2008

Tinting the windows...

Ever since we bought our Astro two years ago, we've wanted to tint the front windows. I don't know who's bright idea it is to tint every window in the vehicle *except* the front two, but whoever it is should be slapped. It looks so retarded.

So, last Friday we finally got the windows in the van tinted, as well as the front windows of "Buck". (Again, same problem. Seriously, someone needs to smack that guy.)

Don't they look pretty?

I'm amazed at the difference inside. It's a lot darker - which is surprising considering it's *just* two windows. It eliminates the need for sunglasses. (Score!) And, it looks pretty. (Which is super-important on the Sarah-scale. ;)

Very glad that it's done.


  1. So nice! So pretty! So wunnerful!

    Yes, the scale of prettiness is how I make all my decisions in life. I only have pretty relatives (for the most part), pretty friends, and even my little hound dog is pretty.

    Oh! Oh! I also don't buy groceries if they look ugly. I will sort through tonnes of lemons just to find the pretty ones. The marked, dented, and slightly mishapen ones have no chance.

  2. They look that much more uber-cool with the front ones tinted.

    Yes, that guy needs to be subjected to a slapfest. I'll do it. >:)

  3. The "clear" front side windows are generally for those assassins who want a "clear shot" at their target. Now you're going to experience much more collateral damage. At least you can be "cool" about it...

  4. Your vehicles are super cool.... LOVE the colour of the car, I want one.


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