Saturday 21 June 2008

Happy Birthday Linda!!

Ack! I can't believe that my baby sister is 20 today! What is that about?!? How am I so old?? ('Cause you know, if *she* is 20, and I can remember her being born, and changing her diapers, it means I've got to be pretty old.)

And, just so you know, when it's Linda's birthday, it means that the days are going to start getting shorter and shorter. Thanks for that, Linda. :P

Happy Birthday, Official Jester.


  1. Aww, I used to be so cute. :)

    "What happened" is all I can say. Bwhaha.

    What was I holding a bat for, though? Was I a on a rampage even then??

    You're not that old. You were a little kid when I was born. Who used to put me to sleep lying belly down on your legs, isn't that right?

    Thanks, Adeena. :D

  2. You loved that bat. I think you knew, even at one year old, that bats are good for whacking. And handy to have around. ;)

    I wasn't that little when you were born. I was practically 13. Crap. That means 33 is this year.

    Does it count if I only feel 22 on the inside? :)

  3. Heck yes it does. And the awesomeness scale keeps you young, too, don't you know - so you'll live forever.

    I still like having whacker-sticks handy.


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