Monday 30 December 2013

Fooled ya!

Ha.  ;)

But really...  I did intend to post for the month of Dec., but couldn't get motivated. Before you feel bad that I didn't finish my 365... I actually started taking a photo a day on Dec. 1, 2012.  So while I didn't get a photo a day in 2013, I did get 365 photos!  Woot!

In other news... part of the reason why I lost motivation was... my EHD died.  The one that stores ALL my photos.  Sigh.  I was smart this time (yes it's happened before) and I had Crashplan.  So, it's currently restoring all my files to a new EHD.  Then maybe I'll be able to catch up.  ;)

We had a very good Christmas.

Lots of chocolate.

And playing with high ISO on my camera.  ;)

I hope next year is just as fun!

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