Thursday 18 April 2013

April 18

Even though it didn't rain during the day, the creek slowly kept rising.  And of course, the sheep had gone across the bridge when it was lower.

So, as there was huge bands of thunderstorms headed our way, Jeff and the kids went to entice them across the swollen creek.

Hannah was impressed with the strong winds.  ;)

She was impressed by the crazy wind, while her siblings and dad were trying to entice the sheep to cross the swollen creek before the next storm arrived. #farm #cmig365apr #theygotthemacross #safeinthebarn

You can just make out the other kids down at the creek.

They were able to get them across (yay!) just in time.  The rain started pounding down.

Holy rain! #thunderstorm #madeitinthehousejustintime#needanark

And just two hours later.

Two hours later. Looks like we got the sheep across just in time. It's going to get worse. #snapseed #squaready #farm #creek #seriouslyweneedaboat

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