Sunday 17 March 2013

March 17

The sun!  A beautiful day today, I suppose it's to make us happy before the snowstorms get here this week.  Sigh.

The animals were all against the south side of the barn.  Ahhh.. warmth.

Big World

Half-sister mommies with their half-sister babies.  :)

March 17

See how the chicken is bigger than tiny Chloe??  Clarice is six days older, and looks HUGE.

March 17-2

And Christy wanted to get in on the action.

March 17-3

Alice says "Look deeeeeep into my eye.  You need a donkey, Jess."

March 17-4

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  1. The animals and two little pink girls were all huddled by the barn.

    I want a donkey, too. Just because they're so cute.

  2. That hen totally puts the babies in perspective.


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