Friday 2 November 2012

The Way I View - Halloween

The theme for this month was Halloween/dress up.

We actually didn't go out on Halloween night this year.  It was raining and cold... so we stayed in and watched a movie instead.

And part of the reason the kids were okay with that is we had fun at the Scary Party last Saturday!  Here are a few shots from that.

Photobombed!  :D


My niece. I think she was a flower fairy. :D


My purple princess fairy. She wasn't feeling well, but still had fun!


A baby bear.


He was Justin "Beaver". :D I laughed so hard. I wish you could see his beaver tail. ;)


And the kids favourite part of the party? The puppies!!


So, that's what Halloween looked like here!  Visit Mary to see her view.

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